which turns fruitful fields to deserts; a system ruinous

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It was now plain enough that my aunt--proceeding on the wise plan of always cultivating the poor creature's sense of responsibility--had given him some keys to take care of, and had put him on his honor to be worthy of his little trust. I could not doubt that she would find some means of humoring him in the same way at Frankfort.

which turns fruitful fields to deserts; a system ruinous

"Wait till the bells rings," I answered "and perhaps you will find the Keys waiting for you in Mistress' room."

which turns fruitful fields to deserts; a system ruinous

He rubbed his hands in delight. "That's it!" he said. "Let's keep watch on the bell."

which turns fruitful fields to deserts; a system ruinous

As he turned to go back again to his corner, Madame Fontaine's voice reached us from the top of the kitchen stairs. She was speaking to her daughter. Jack stopped directly and waited, looking round at the stairs.

"Where is the other person who came here with Mrs. Wagner?" the widow asked. "A man with an odd English name. Do you know, Minna, if they have found a room for him?"

She reached the lower stair as she spoke--advanced along the corridor--and discovered Jack Straw. In an instant, her languid indifferent manner disappeared. Her eyes opened wildly under their heavy lids. She stood motionless, like a woman petrified by surprise--perhaps by terror.

"Hans Grimm!" I heard her say to herself. "God in heaven! what brings _him_ here?"

Almost instantaneously Madame Fontaine recovered her self-control.



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