He soon reached the hotel, but that face of agony still

He was still stirring his lemonade with his bit of cake--or he might have seen something in the widow's face that would have startled him. He did look up, when she spoke to him. His sense of hearing was his quickest sense; and he was struck by the sudden change in her voice.

He soon reached the hotel, but that face of agony still

"What did you ask David?"--was all she ventured to say.

He soon reached the hotel, but that face of agony still

Jack still looked at her. "Anything the matter with you?" he inquired.

He soon reached the hotel, but that face of agony still

"Nothing. What did you ask David?"

"Perhaps _I_ can tell you what you want to know?"

"I shouldn't wonder. No: dipping the cake in lemonade doesn't improve it, and it leaves crumbs in the drink."

"Throw away that bit of cake, Jack, and have some more.

"Certainly. But you haven't told me yet what you want to know.



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