convent and became a holy nun. So the young lord of Sternenfels

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Perfectly unmoved by the reproof implied in those words, Madame Fontaine persisted in pressing her request. "I only ask you to modify your terms," she explained. "Let us understand each other. Do you still insist on my replacing what I have taken, by the morning of the sixth of this month?"

convent and became a holy nun. So the young lord of Sternenfels

"Do you still expect me to resign my position here as director of the household, on the day when Fritz and Minna have become man and wife?"

convent and became a holy nun. So the young lord of Sternenfels

"Permit me to set the second condition aside for awhile. Suppose I fail to replace the five thousand florins in your reserve fund?"

convent and became a holy nun. So the young lord of Sternenfels

"If you fail, I shall do my duty to Mr. Keller, when we divide profits on the sixth of the month."

"And you will expose me in this way, knowing that you make the marriage impossible--knowing that you doom my daughter to shame and misery for the rest of her life?"

"I shall expose you, knowing that I have kept your guilty secret to the last moment--and knowing what I owe to my partner and to myself. You have still four days to spare. Make the most of your time."

"I can do absolutely nothing in the time."

The suppressed fury in Madame Fontaine began to get beyond her control.



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