best to take information where we can get it, whether we

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"Does the lady live in this city, sir?" the widow inquired.

best to take information where we can get it, whether we

"No, she still lives in our birthplace--Munich."

best to take information where we can get it, whether we

"As many questions, dear madam, as you like."

best to take information where we can get it, whether we

"My sister has never been married."

"Not for want of suitors," said courteous Mr. Engelman. "A most majestic person. Witty and accomplished. Possessed of an enviable little fortune, entirely at her own disposal."

Mr. Keller gently reproved this latter allusion to the question of money.

"My good friend, Madame Fontaine has a mind above all mercenary considerations. My sister's place in her esteem and regard will not be influenced by my sister's fortune, when they meet (as I hope they will meet) at Fritz's marriage."

At this, Fritz burst into the conversation in his usual headlong way.



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