where Flemming dined that day. At the head of the table

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"Then why won't you let me come to you?"

where Flemming dined that day. At the head of the table

"No time now, Minna. I have something to do. Wait till I have done it."

where Flemming dined that day. At the head of the table

"Not even one little kiss, mamma?"

where Flemming dined that day. At the head of the table

Madame Fontaine hurried out of the room without answering and ran up the stairs without looking back. Minna's eyes filled with tears. Fritz stood at the open door, bewildered.

"I wouldn't have believed it, if anybody had told me," he said; "your mother seems to be afraid to let you touch her."

Fritz had made many mistaken guesses in his time--but, for once, he had guessed right. She _was_ afraid.

As the presiding genius of the household, Madame Fontaine was always first in the room when the table was laid for the early German dinner. A knife with a speck on the blade, a plate with a suspicion of dirt on it, never once succeeded in escaping her observation. If Joseph folded a napkin carelessly, Joseph not only heard of it, but suffered the indignity of seeing his work performed for him to perfection by the housekeeper's dexterous hands.

On the second day of the New Year, she was at her post as usual, and Joseph stood convicted of being wasteful in the matter of wine.



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