strengthened and sharpened by the blows it gave and received.

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"I have not felt well, sir, for some time past," she answered, without looking at him.

strengthened and sharpened by the blows it gave and received.

"You had better try what rest and quiet will do for you," he suggested.

strengthened and sharpened by the blows it gave and received.

"Yes, I think so." With that reply--not even offering, for the sake of appearances, to attend on Mrs. Wagner until the nurse arrived--she took her daughter's arm, and went out.

strengthened and sharpened by the blows it gave and received.

The woman-servant was fortunately a discreet person. She remembered the medical instructions, and she undertook all needful duties, until the nurse relieved her. Jack (who had followed the doctor into the room, and had watched him attentively) was sent away again for the time. He would go no farther than the outer side of the door. Mr. Keller passed him, crouched up on the mat, biting his nails. He was apparently thinking of the doctor. He said to himself, "That man looked puzzled; that man knows nothing about it."

In the meantime, Madame Fontaine reached her room.

"Where is Fritz?" she asked, dropping her daughter's arm.

"He has gone out, mamma. Don't send me away! You seem to be almost as ill as poor Mrs. Wagner--I want to be with you."

Madame Fontaine hesitated. "Do you love me with all your heart and soul?" she asked suddenly. "Are you worthy of any sacrifice that a mother can make for her child?"



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