with a shudder, as he saw this fearful image gazing at

"Yes. Wait a bit. I'm going to try how the cake tastes dipped in lemonade. Ha! ha! how it fizzes as I stir it round! Yes; something that happened at Wurzburg, as you say. I asked David about it, the morning he went away. But the coach was waiting for him; and he ran off without saying a word. I call that rude."

with a shudder, as he saw this fearful image gazing at

He was still stirring his lemonade with his bit of cake--or he might have seen something in the widow's face that would have startled him. He did look up, when she spoke to him. His sense of hearing was his quickest sense; and he was struck by the sudden change in her voice.

with a shudder, as he saw this fearful image gazing at

"What did you ask David?"--was all she ventured to say.

with a shudder, as he saw this fearful image gazing at

Jack still looked at her. "Anything the matter with you?" he inquired.

"Nothing. What did you ask David?"

"Perhaps _I_ can tell you what you want to know?"

"I shouldn't wonder. No: dipping the cake in lemonade doesn't improve it, and it leaves crumbs in the drink."

"Throw away that bit of cake, Jack, and have some more.



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