would fain have made unto himself a child, not as Nature

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Madame Fontaine rose also--but she was not quite defeated yet.

would fain have made unto himself a child, not as Nature

"As things are, then," she resumed, "I am to understand, sir, that the marriage is put off to the thirteenth of January next?"

would fain have made unto himself a child, not as Nature

"Yes, with your daughter's consent."

would fain have made unto himself a child, not as Nature

"Suppose my daughter changes her mind, in the interval?"

"I should insult your daughter, Madame Fontaine--after what she said in this room before me and before other witnesses--if I supposed her to be capable of changing her mind, except under your influence.

The vacant spaces on the walls were prettily filled up with prints and water-color drawings. Among these last was a little portrait of Mr. Keller, in a glazed frame. She approached it--looked at it--and, suddenly tearing it from the wall, threw it on the floor. It happened to fall with the glass uppermost. She stamped on it, in a perfect frenzy of rage; not only crushing the glass, but even breaking the frame, and completely destroying the portrait as a work of art. "There! that has done me good," she said to herself--and kicked the fragments into a corner of the room.

She was now able to take a chair at the fireside, and shape out for herself the course which it was safest to follow.

Minna was first in her thoughts. She could bend the girl to her will, and send her to Mr. Keller. But he would certainly ask, under what influence she was acting, in terms which would place the alternative between a downright falsehood, or a truthful answer. Minna was truth itself; in her youngest days, she had been one of those rare children who never take their easy refuge in a lie. What influence would be most likely to persuade her to deceive Fritz's father? The widow gave up the idea, in the moment when it occurred to her. Once again, "Jezebel's Daughter" unconsciously touched Jezebel's heart with the light of her purity and her goodness. The mother shrank from deliberately degrading the nature of her own child.



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