began her story, and told Flemming how, a great, great

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Without paying the slightest heed to this reply--impenetrable, in the petrifying despair that possessed her, to all that looks, tones, and words could say--Madame Fontaine stood her ground, and obstinately repeated, "I must speak to you."

began her story, and told Flemming how, a great, great

Mrs. Wagner once more refused. "All that need be said between us has been said," she answered. "Have you replaced the money?"

began her story, and told Flemming how, a great, great

"That is what I want to speak about?"

began her story, and told Flemming how, a great, great

"Don't drive me mad, Mrs. Wagner! As you hope for mercy yourself, at the hour of your death, show mercy to the miserable woman who implores you to listen to her! Return with me as far as the drawing-room. At this time of day, nobody will disturb us there. Give me five minutes!"

Mrs. Wagner looked at her watch.

"I will give you five minutes. And mind, I mean five minutes. Even in trifles, I speak the truth."

They returned up the stairs, Mrs. Wagner leading the way.

There were two doors of entrance to the drawing-room--one, which opened from the landing, and a smaller door, situated at the farther end of the corridor. This second entrance communicated with a sort of alcove, in which a piano was placed, and which was only separated by curtains from the spacious room beyond. Mrs. Wagner entered by the main door, and paused, standing near the fire-place. Madame Fontaine, following her, turned aside to the curtains, and looked through. Having assured herself that no person was in the recess, she approached the fire-place, and said her first words.



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