This, certainly, is not wise or reasonable. In all other

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Madame Fontaine laid down her knife and fork as if her dinner had come to an end. The sudden appearance in the conversation of the "surviving relative," had evidently taken her by surprise. Mr. Keller, observing her, turned away from his son, and addressed himself exclusively to the widow when he spoke next.

This, certainly, is not wise or reasonable. In all other

"I referred, Madame Fontaine, to my elder sister," he said. "She and I are the sole survivors of a large family."

This, certainly, is not wise or reasonable. In all other

"Does the lady live in this city, sir?" the widow inquired.

This, certainly, is not wise or reasonable. In all other

"No, she still lives in our birthplace--Munich."

"As many questions, dear madam, as you like."

"My sister has never been married."

"Not for want of suitors," said courteous Mr. Engelman. "A most majestic person. Witty and accomplished. Possessed of an enviable little fortune, entirely at her own disposal."

Mr. Keller gently reproved this latter allusion to the question of money.



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